UTair-Cargo Transported Sea Animals

In the middle of February 2013 UTair-Cargo operated rare sea animals’ transportation (beluga whale and dolphins) on destination Vladivostok – Osaka in Japan – Vladivostok according to the request from the Primorsky Aquarium Research and Educational Center FEB Russian Academy of Science upon cooperation with Japanese colleagues.  

Two beluga whales had been transported by helicopters to Vladivostok International Airport after catching in the Sea of Okhotsk. UTair-Cargo An-74-200 aircraft transported them to Osaka. On the way back four common bottlenose dolphins that may be 3.6 m long and weigh to 400 kg had been transported by the same aircraft. This mammal species inhabits temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world including seashores of Japan and Kuril Ridge.

The animals were transported in special large-size containers with water accompanied with qualified veterinarian during the flight. For minimization negative influence of the flight to the animals the flight time and handling were reduced in maximum.

“Animals exchange is a regular practice that allows aquariums form their collections, make scientific research and environmental work for reproduction rare species of animals. That kind of exchange is profitable for both sides. Partners can get species that difficult to get by themselves” – said the Primorsky Aquarium.

Previously, UTair-Cargo repeatedly performed sea animals’ transportations according to requests from Russian and foreign dolphinaria and zoos from Far East and Siberian cities to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Anapa, Doha in Qatar, Island Kish in Iran.  

Animals’ transportation is high complexities work for any air company. UTair-Cargo has special equipment and trained professional for that kind of work. 

UTair Cargo has been a successful operator on the air services market since 1997. The division’s fleet consists of 17 various types of aircraft, including An-74 and An-2 aircraft.  UTair-Cargo performs charter cargo and passenger flights in Russia and abroad and regular passenger transportation on regional routes.