UTair-Cargo Receives Sixth An-74 Aircraft

UTair-Cargo has received Delivery of the sixth An-74 (RA-74044) aircraft as a part of its leasing agreement with UTair-Leasing. Financing for the transaction has been provided MTS Bank.

The new An-74 aircraft comes in all-purpose TK-100 modification characterized by an increased cargo capacity of 10 tons and, passenger seating capacity of up to 52. The plane has the option to quick convert the cabin into cargo space by folding seats and luggage compartments with cargo / passengers combinations of 12 passengers and 6 tons of cargo, 20 passengers and 4.5 tons of cargo. The aircraft cabin is equipped with emergency oxygen system for passengers and can operate in any climatic or atmospheric conditions, including high altitude airfields, short-range and unpaved airstrips.

UTair operates An-74 ТК-100 aircraft in Russia and abroad in climatic conditions ranging from Arctic to Equatorial and has confirmed the high performance of this aircraft type.

UTair Cargo has been a successful operator on the air services market since 1997. The division’s fleet consists of 17 aircraft of various types, including An-74 and An-2 aircraft.  UTair-Cargo performs charter cargo and passenger flights in Russia and abroad and regular passenger transportation on regional routes. 

UTair-Leasing is a subsidiary of UTair Aviation specializing in aircraft leasing. According to Expert Ural, UTair-Leasing ranked among the top 3 Ural-based leasing companies in H1 2012.

In H1 2012 the company’s lease agreement portfolio was valued at more than 2.7 billion rubles.

Among the major UTair-Leasing clients are Emelyanovo Airport, Kurumoch Airport, Mineralnye Vody International Airport, Roschino Airport, Surgut Airport, Omsk Airport, Tomsk Airport, Ufa International Airport, Vnukovo-Technics and the Altai Aviation Company.