UTair Cargo Certified as Aircraft Services Supplier for United Nations

UTair Cargo, a part of UTair Aviation Group, has successfully met the technical certification requirements to serve as an aircraft services supplier for the United Nations and has been cleared to participate in tenders for aviation contracts within the international organization.

Certification was preceded by an inspection conducted by the UN Department of Field Support, which included an audit of base objects of UTair Cargo according to ICAO and UN standards. The technical state of the fleet and financial condition of the company were also evaluated.

The UTair Cargo fleet of consists of four An-74TK-100, one An-74-200 and one An-74 and also eleven An-2 aircraft in different modifications. The An-74TK-100 has numerous cabin configurations making it one of the most versatile aircraft in the fleet and well suited to the wide range of air transport tasks. UTair Cargo has the competitive advantage of a fleet well suited to accomplish the aviation contracts in non-standard climate conditions on unpaved airfields.

The UN certificate for conducting civil aviation operations is a mark of UTair Cargo's competitiveness on both Russian and international markets.

UTair Cargo has been a successful operator on the international air cargo market since 1997. UTair-Cargo performs charter cargo and passenger flights in Russia and abroad and regular passenger transportation on regional routes.