Surgutneftegaz JSC, MAG CJSC, Pegas and Co Ltd, Rosinkas, Beloyarskoe Joint Venture Ltd, Novatektarkosaleneftegaz Ltd, Utair Aviation JSC, Limited Partnership Utrish Dolphinarium of Institute of Ecology and Evolution - domestic and international transportation of the various kinds of goods (Rosinkas valuables, geophysical equipment, core samples, aviation engineering equipment for helicopters inviolved in UN Mission works in Africa, animals and birds).

Aviastar-TU Airline - international transportation of DHL mail.

Parachuting Federation of Tyumen region - parachuting.

MKD-Group Ltd and State Insurance Company Yugoria - charter flights for passenger and baggage transportation.

Chief construction Administration of Tyumen region - socially important passenger flights to the remote areas of the south of Tyumen region.

Administration of Nizhnevartovsk District - scheduled passenger flights and delivery of goods of prime necessity on the territory of Nizhnevartovsk District.

Tomsk region for Karasog District Administration - socially important passenger flights and forest patrol.

Forest department of Tyumen region (Tyumen and Khanty-Mansiysk air base) - forest patrol works.

AFT Ltd., Uralgeodesia State unitary enterprise and Geokosmos JSC - aerial photograpy.

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District for Urengoyneftegazgeologia JSC and Yamalgeophizika JSC - geological exploration expeditions support (delivery of personnel, equipment, food).